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As part of the new PBS Digital Core Data Model project, the new Media Manager will replace the current Merlin and COVE admin that stations and national producers use every day to upload and update their video content.

Want to learn a little more? Click here to watch a recent webinar and learn the Media Manager basics.

To better assist you as we move forward, PBS Digital will host weekly webinars from now until March to keep you updated and informed. Each webinar will take place at 3:00pm EST. These webinars are targeted towards local stations, but national producers are invited to join. Webinars will repeat for 6 weeks, allowing attendees to review concepts and practice within their staging environments.


"Do What You Do in Merlin in Media Manager and Curate"

We will discuss current functionality in Merlin/COVE that can be achieved in Media Manager.

Wednesday, January 25 - Register Now

Wednesday, February 1 - Register Now

Wednesday, February 8 - Register Now

Tuesday, February 14 - Register Now

Tuesday, February 15 - Register Now

Tuesday, February 28 - Register Now


"New Functionality for COVE Through Media Manager and Curate"

We will discuss new functionality available in Media Manger as well as new terminology, and we'll also review the activation plan.

Thursday, January 26 - Register Now

Thursday, February 2 - Register Now

Thursday, February 9 - Register Now

Wednesday, February 15 - Register Now

Wednesday, February 22 - Register Now

Wednesday, March 1 - Register Now

As always, please email your station representative with any questions or concerns, or email our team at