Launching Soon: Refreshed Station Video Portal
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Image - passport rose.pngIf you attended the recent PBS Regional Meetings in Baltimore, MD and Portland, OR, or the SPI Series: Station Video Portal webinar in October, you are familiar with the work the Web Services team is doing related to restyling the station video portal. Great news! With the new redesign, the team will begin releasing the newly re-skinned video portal.  Mocks have been shared with the system through the previously mentioned channels, however, we wanted to call out the upcoming release and give stations, which haven’t seen it, an opportunity to do so.

Image - PBS_station_portal_Home.jpgAs you review the mocks you should start to see the correlations between the styling of the video portal and new You can also see how the lighter treatment allows for more cohesive station branding and connection between your portal and web sites. So if you have show or station logos that use color you can now upload and leverage those color palettes on the lighter treatment. If you have questions on how to change program or station logos please visit the Digital Support Portal.

Reasons for the Change:
With the launch of new and Passport, the fundamental concept of COVE as a segmented video portal is being transitioned into more of an integrated video web experience for general audience. This new model is more inline with other digital media companies and will continue to position member stations and PBS as viable and meaningful Digital entries.

Benefits to Stations:
With the release of new and Passport, Digital saw an opportunity to rethink COVE in its current state as segmented video portal experiences that live outside station websites. As a result of this, stations can better market, brand, and tailor their own online video content experiences to better align with their respective missions and digital strategies.

Release Schedule: 
Phase 1.1 – Refreshed Style (Launching in conjunction with the new redesign)*: The goal of this is to provide stations with an easier to brand video portal. As previously mentioned, it will create design cohesion across new and station video portal platforms. The team will be delivering a re-skinned station video portal [darker to light treatment] for ALL stations.

Phase 1.1 – Refreshed Style with Passport Integration (Launching Dec. 15): The goal of this work is to provide Passport-enabled stations with the branding elements and user-facing functionality within the re-skinned video portal. For this iteration, the team is delivering the Passport-enabled video portal treatment for Passport-enabled stations ONLY. This includes the compass role design elements, and Passport functionality.

Phase 2 (Launching Q1-Q2 2016): Embeddable Portal: This phase of the project is geared towards providing stations with the opportunity to create an embedded video portal on their mobile respective station sites. As this is a large technical shift the team is looking to deliver station video portal as a single/multiple component(s) for stations to take and add to their own websites.

PBS Digital is expecting additional development work to come out of our discussions with our beta stations for this project, as well as the larger station community throughout the product deployment

Please reach out to your digital rep or the digital support portal if you have any questions, comments or concerns.