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Last call for DMAC Applications: What are you Waiting for?
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It’s my favorite time of year: DMAC application time! By now, you’ve heard of the PBS Digital Media Advisory Council (DMAC) and seen our call for applications. We’re looking for the new class of digital innovators and ambassadors to join our small but mighty team.
My favorite part of the DMAC is the relationships we form within the group, and with others throughout the system. These relationships are the key to collaborative projects, solving common issues, and helping to share and amplify each others’ work.
A few ways DMAC members impact each other and the system are: 

 Being a part of the DMAC reminds me that I’m not alone out there experimenting, asking big questions and trying to figure it all out. I have a close support system of DMAC peers and a broader support network of colleagues all across public media.The world of digital is still the great unknown in many ways and the DMAC is here to help lead the system forward.
The DMAC is looking for station staff from all walks of life, with various digital-related backgrounds and experiences, from all over the country and different license types. So, get your applications in and join us!
Applications will be accepted until Friday, September 14, 2018. We're excited to read your applications, so get them in soon!
Cheraine Stanford
Director, Content Strategy, WPSU
DMAC Vice Chair