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KTTZ: Why Your Station Should Apply for the PBS Digital Studios DSLR Grant
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In 2011 I was hired as the Production Director for member station KTTZ-TV. I’ll never forget seeing our “field equipment” for the first time. Big, bulky, and HEAVY, oh so heavy. In 2012 PBS Digital Studios offered stations an opportunity to apply for a grant that would give them a small, modern, DSLR shooting package with everything you need to get going immediately. 
It changed EVERYTHING for us. 
We had a local show in pre-production and one of the main obstacles was producing the content that would mostly be done in the field with the staff and resources we had (heavy cumbersome and labor intensive). The DSLR immediately made that a moot point as our “Shreditors”(Shooter, producer, editor) now had a field package that reflected their skill set and could be carried out solo. This combined two unique things we’ve been seeing in the production world for many years, young people who have a very diverse skill set, and modern equipment that makes field production efficient and easy for that type of creator. 
What started with a grant application to PBS Digital Studios has led to 3 regional Emmys, $75,000 in crowd funding, and new and unique digital first content and community engagement. I can’t express enough how important that grant was to setting us on a path to future and ongoing success.
Paul Allen Hunton | General Manager | KTTZ 
To apply for the 2016 PBS Digital Studios DSLR Grants head here.  For other stations experience with the 2012 PBS Digital Studios DSLR Grant read these posts from WETA and SCETV