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KTTZ: PBS PokeStop
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Is your office a Pokestop? Do you even know what a Pokestop is? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions then the following information may be useful to you, if you answered “no”, well then, you better ask somebody! The best people to ask are those staring intently at their phones while swiping across the screen, or yelling “I got a Growlithe over here!”

Image - pokestop2.JPGPokemon Go has taken the world by storm, with more daily users 15-21million (DAU) than Twitter, Tinder (swipe left for a Pikachu), and some inferior game called Candy Crush, in only a week and a half on the market! It’s huge, therefore, we at KTTZthought, what better way to reach our community than to open our doors to all those players and have a night of refreshments, air conditioning, and charging stations. We called the night “PBS Pokestop” and had some cool buttons made up utilizing the logo made for us by David Wilder.

Image - pokepins.JPGA quick tutorial, the game is based in augmented reality making the player actually travel around their communities collecting Pokemon and going to “Pokestops” to collect tools for the game, and gyms, where they battle their Pokemon to level up. Our building on the Texas Tech campus is a Pokestop. We had around 60-70 people stop by during the 2 hour window we were offering our office as a real physical Pokestop. It has regularly been around 102 degrees so having air conditioning, a charging station, and water was key. We also had the PBS Online Film Festival playing in our lobby and a lot of people took interest and even voted.

Image - pokepic5.JPGWe had approximately 20 social media posts from participants using the #MYKTTZ hashtag across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our demographics ranged from 2-50, multiple ethnicities, male and female. Our staff answered a lot of questions about who we are and what we do. In other words the big takeaway is that we were reaching a lot of people who had no idea about us, we had a positive and uplifting night of camaraderie after a pretty crappy week in our country. This was not a huge fundraising endeavor but I think it went a long way in good will, and reaching folks who don’t realize that we are here for them, as well as the high spirits we had in our offices all week long leading up to the event. In the race to get new audience and viewers in unique ways, our PBS Pokestop was just one more step in our quest to catch them all!

Image - PokePic.JPG