KTTZ Crowdfunds over $20,000 for Digital Series
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Image - GlobalWeirding4tee.jpegTHE PROJECT

To reach more audience members, KTTZ-TV employs a formula that looks across the landscape of the community and finds stories that affect people on local, national, and global levels. By enlisting the help of local climate scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, KTTZ-TV raised $20,545 for a digital series that resonates with people around the world.


Building off of the success of a previous digital series, the KTTZ-TV team sought the advice of the Digital Media Advisory Council in the hopes of drawing inspiration from their peers to build a new and interesting campaign. Their goal: find local topics that speak to national and global issues with an opportunity to give local talent a platform to spread the message and engage the community.

By pulling a climate scientist out of their own backyard (Hayhoe is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University), the KTTZ-TV team fulfilled their winning formula trifecta to produce a digital series that affects their community and the world.

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To reach a larger audience, KTTZ-TV employed the use of hashtags across social media to drive members to their crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform, where visitors could watch a video featuring Hayhoe discuss the contents of the digital series. However, the big drive for involvement came from Hayhoe, who leveraged her network to spread the word.

“When you find the right ambassadors, you’ll see they can engage their communities, and you'll get a bigger response,” said Paul Hunton, Station Manager for Texas Tech Public Television. “You'll see they spread information virally across communities that you're not even aware of.”


The crowdfunding campaign reached well beyond the confines of Lubbock, Texas, and brought in contributions from around the world, including Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Israel, and Singapore. The campaign also garnered visibility from countries such as Pakistan, Kenya, Brazil, Sudan, and more. 


The results of the Global Weirding crowdfunding campaign provide several opportunities for other member stations to replicate. 

KTTZ-TV recommends leveraging peers at other member stations or within the Digital Media Advisory Council for ideas. Fresh perspectives provide for interesting content and can catapult the success of campaigns.

Above all, follow a winning formula:

  1. Find local talent

  2. Speak to larger issues

  3. Engage the community

Once Hayhoe has a break in her busy schedule, KTTZ-TV will use the funds to create a digital series of two programs, with a goal to bring in more donations to the station.

Special thanks to Paul Hunton, Station Manager for Texas Tech Public Television for information and content for this post.