KCPT Re:Dream
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Join In as We Chase the American Dream

Last month, KCPT launched its first national digital series, Re:Dream. The Re:Dream project uses individual perspectives — 40 micro-documentaries, to be exact! — to explore the pursuit of the American dream in modern terms. The national effort has been amazing: KCPT has led 14 additional member stations across the country as together we build conversation about success and opportunity through these videos, community events, and social interaction.

We’re asking you to join us as we Re:Imagine the American dream. Your station’s involvement means we all learn about your city and and about our country as a whole. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little day-dreaming? Here are a few ways to engage...

Ways to give your station (Re:Dream) personality…

  1. Hyper local - Tie in topics that are important and meaningful to your community.
    Image - ReD-pickle.gif

  2. Make it personal– Tie it in with a personthey will become your personal ambassadors
    Image - ReD-bubblesoccer.gif

  3. Provide ways to engage:
    Image - ReD-startrek.gif

  4. Have simple templates that speak directly to your audience.
    Image - ReD-mydream.png

  5. Lighten up– Get out and talk to your community, have fun at events.
    Image - ReD-lighten.png

  6. Freebies– don’t be above bribery! Spending money on swag that people actually want is worth at least a social post and some interaction.
    Image - ReD-swag.gif

  7. Use resources / other departments you have at your station and Team up
    don’t be afraid to piggyback off other peoples / organizations events to give your project exposure.
    Example: The new PBS show PointTaken’s first episode was titled, “Is the American Dream Dead or Alive?” We tapped into this by doing a mini marathon of some of our videos with engagement questions, using their hashtag and ours. We also live tweeted the episode. Below is a screenshot of one of the posts from that day.

    Two weeks later Point Taken posed the question, “Is college worth the price tag?” Since education is one of Re:Dream’s recurring topics we once again joined the conversation by reposting two of the videos that directly address education and student loans as well as live tweeted the episode. Below is an example of how reposting the video in coordination with another topic helped get the theme of the video conveyed to a captive audience.

    Throughout the project we have teamed up with KCPT’s radio station, 90.9 The Bridge to collect the dreams of musicians during their studio sessions. Then we were able to post them to our social accounts and tag the artist. Below are two examples of these posts from Facebook.The first example is of an Irish band called The Elders, whose video we shared on St. Patrick’s Day. The second example of Lissie, who we posted when she was featured as VuHaus’ Artist of the Week.
    Image - ReD-fb1.png
    Image - ReD-fb2.png