Introducing the DMAC Outreach Network
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Happy 2018!

As with every January, it’s hard to believe a new year is upon us. This year I’m excited to serve as chair for the PBS Digital Media Advisory Council (DMAC). As we were developing goals for the upcoming year, we wanted to make sure the digital team at every station was connected in some way—because we knew how valuable those connections have been to us. We work in a unique industry where our peers are not our colleagues that we see every day at our station, but those doing the same or similar job as us at our fellow stations. The station to station connections are even more important for the smaller shop—where the digital team can consist of a single person, and that single person is often doing much more in addition to their digital work. And so I’m excited to announce a new initiative from this engaged group of digital leaders in the system: The DMAC Outreach Network.

Our goal is to bridge together the digital teams across the system. By automating these connections, we can better identify our challenges, share our successes and learn from each other’s solutions. Each member on the DMAC has been a assigned a roster of stations and will serve as your contact throughout their 2-3 year tenure on the council. Your DMAC representative will be in touch with you or someone at your station at least quarterly to give you updates on what’s happening in the PBS Digital world, and in turn, help you problem solve digital challenges, possibly by connecting you with someone else who has faced similar challenges. We also encourage you to reach out to your DMAC representative as often as needed. And of course, nothing beats meeting in person! You may find that your DMAC representative is within driving distance or at one of the upcoming Digital Voltage workshops, PBS TechCon or PBS Annual Meeting.

To kick things off, your DMAC Rep will be in touch in the next month by phone or email. This introduction will include establishing future communication and making sure we have the right initial contacts. We will also let you know of upcoming system events and initiatives. And with anything new, we will learn as we go on. I fully expect our network to evolve over time. In the end, the better networked we are with each other, the stronger we will be as a system.

We look forward to getting to know you!
Linda Wei
Director of Digital Strategies, Nashville Public Television