Inside Look: Bento Developers Summit Demos Pt 2
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In this last installment of Inside Look: Bento Developers Summit Demos, Jeanine Schoessler, from MontanaPBS, and the SPI team continue to share Jeanine's takeaways, links to working prototypes, areas of source code  within the Open Bento GitHub (where possible), and next steps which came out of the project demo portion of the summit. In this post you will learn about the final three projects: Advanced Social Media Smart Snippet, Advanced Event Calendars Snippet, and Responsive American Graduate template.

Advanced Social Media Smart Snippet Creation 
Project lead by: Mark Mobley, PBS SoCaL; Chris Emery, WTVI PBS Charlotte

The Social Media group worked to integrate a social media feed that included both Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. After researching, they found there is a free service provided by RebelMouse that will allow users to implement a feed within their page. The result is a responsive page that can either be the full width or on the RightRail of a two-column Bento page.

Full Width:
Source Code: 

Right Rail:
Source Code

Editor's Note: As RebelMouse is a third party service that you can integrate with Bento, if users would like to minimize the platform's branding, they will need to customize the design using CSS.

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Advanced Event Calendar Smart Snippet Creation 
Project lead by: Stephen Hunter, PBS SoCaL; Samuel Seide, OETA

This was one of the first projects to be completed at the summit. The goal of this project was to enhance the current calendar option within Bento to display more options and metadata about an event. The current settings within the calendar plugin display event descriptions as text only. Using a Javascript, the team was able to parse Google event descriptions as HTML. This snippet allows users to view more data about an event, while also enhancing the information with a customizable color palette.

Source Code

Editor's Note: PBS Digital's tech teams are working to incorporate and release some of the calendar customization features created during the summit (see links above).

American Graduate Responsive Template Creation 
Project lead by: Dale Fisher, Nine Network and Stephanie DelBelso, WMHT 

WMHT is the first station to have built an American Graduate site on Bento. Thus, they were prime candidates to help build a responsive version of the American Graduate site.  The American Graduate template team worked with the existing responsive themes in Bento, Explorer, and Passport to create the American Graduate site. This was done by including a custom CSS smart snippet that overrides the style tags while using the American Graduate template.


Editor's Note: We are working with several teams within PBS Digital to create and offer features showcased in the mock site (see link above).

While there were five main projects Stephen Hunter did work on, an additional project is relevant to a lot of dual licensees. This project was an attempt at integrating data from NPR's CMS product offering, Core Publisher, onto Bento pages. In his project, he attempted to pull upcoming air dates and previews for COVE using an iframe to lookup the schedule ID and COVE ID and pull information based on the exact program title match. Since content integration across these platforms are a concern for dual licensees looking to adopt both product offering, PBS Digital will continue its active discussions to further this endeavor.

This may wrap up the project demo overview from the Bento Developers Summit but, as the SPI team found out, this only scratched the surface as far as the amazing work being done in Bento. We will continue to bring you insider looks and station lead posts on available custom features and tools.

If you are interested in these or any of the open source projects on Bento, please contact your SPI representative, or view and join the Open Bento GitHub and forum for more information.

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