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Idaho Public Television Reveals Their Geo-Targeted BBC VOD Service
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Idaho Public Television was the catalyst for BBC geo-targeted videos on Bento. They use Bento blogs for their videos, which allows them to schedule their posts ahead of time. The BBC offers bug-free promo videos which Idaho PTV posts on COVE to promote their exclusives website. We caught up with Kris Freeland, IdahoPTV's Station Manager, Education Services and Outreach, so she can walk us through her implementation.

1. Why are you using Bento for your BBC VOD content?

Idaho Public Television is using Bento to surface our BBC content via a site we call IdahoPTV Exclusives. We really appreciate how easy BENTO is to implement!  Many Kudos to Max Duke and José Fernández and the SPI team at PBS for their efforts in making this happen!  Here at Idaho Public Television, we have chosen to surface the content using the Blog River Tool, rather than the Bentomatic modules. This enables us to schedule each episode to surface on the site after it has been featured on our air. LOVE the schedule publish and un-publish feature!!  Being able to set when an episode will be published in advance has been a huge timesaver!  We like the ability to publish each episode after it airs via broadcast so that it provides fresh content online and a reason for people to “tune” into our broadcast as well as the online channel.
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2. How do you promote the content?

We promote the content several ways –

  • Via our COVE player with promos of the shows available on our Bento site. We have created an “exclusives” channel in COVE and are beginning to populate it with promos and links to the “exclusives” Bento page.

  • We also have created a spot for our air directing viewers to the online video content on our BENTO exclusives site.

  • We have a link on our home page to a page explaining that this video content is only available for viewers in the IdahoPTV viewing area and list what programs are available which then also links to the exclusives page.

3. How has the content affected membership, and viewer engagement?

We receive a great deal of e-mail regarding the content and availability of the content.  Those that are able to access it are very pleased and those who are not able to access it are disappointed.  We do receive e-mails from viewers who say they are willing to become members in order to access this content online.

Image - idahoptv3.png

4. Any other comments you'd like to add?

Extremely pleased that we are able to offer this content to our viewers who may have missed it on our broadcast channel and very appreciative of all the efforts from everyone to make this service available to our viewers.