How to Tweet All Day Without Losing Your Job
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It's no secret local station employees wear numerous hats and are responsible for several things at any given moment. It can be difficult to manage, but keeping a strong Twitter presence doesn’t always require all of your precious time. In fact, by using these tips below, it's possible to maintain a healthy Twitter feed while still doing all of your other jobs.

1. Be Consistent
Although Twitter’s 140-character limit can sometimes be frustrating, it’s also freeing. It takes less than five minutes to construct a strong tweet. They’re easy to write in between other tasks, and you don’t have to write that many because a lot of major organizations tweet fewer than ten times a day. @SPI_PBS, for example, tweets 4-8 times per day. Find a range that seems right for the amount of content you create, and commit to it. Do it every weekday (and think about scheduling a couple for over the weekend). You’ll become known as a consistent source for good content, so your follower count and engagement will rise accordingly.

2. Use Images to Attract Users
Many think they have to flood their users' Twitter feed in order to gain any attention, but this simply isn’t true. Instead, make your few posts count with eye-catching images. In my experience working with the @SPI_PBS account, images almost always double a post’s impressions, which improve the odds for engagement. When you can, add a small image…it helps your few posts make a big impact.

3. Bulk Up Your Feed with Outsourced Content
Garnish your feed with content from others. Retweeting content from people in your community, coworkers, other stations, and news outlets can make your feed look very active with minimal effort on your part. Just find interesting, brand-relevant material, and RT it. The source of that tweet will be happy–maybe even return the favor–and your Twitter feed looks more populated and diverse.

These are a few of our Twitter tips from the SPI team’s account. Did we miss anything? Any strategies you’ve found successful? Let us know at @SPI_PBS, and best of luck with your own Twitter campaigns!