Hamilton's America: Facebook LIVE
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Hamilton's America
Facebook Live Stream and Simultaneous Streaming & Broadcast Premiere
We are close to the premiere of Hamilton’s America and we have a quick update to share! The Great Performances Facebook account will be live streaming Hamilton’s America through Facebook Live at the time of the broadcast (October 21st 9/8c). The live event post on the Great Performances Facebook page will include a station donation call-to-action.

Station Promotion
Stations can take advantage of the Hamilton’s America premiere to reach local audiences across platforms in a few different ways.
  • Share the Facebook Live event to your station’s Facebook Page using this URL: http://to.pbs.org/hamildocpbs(Note: This Facebook link WILL NOT be active until the live stream actually begins). 
  • Direct audiences to your station’s video portal or co-branded OTT and mobile apps. Hamilton's America will be available for online streaming the same time as the broadcast premiere (October 21st 9/8c). The simultaneous streaming will be available on PBS platforms including station branded OTT, apps and video portals.
Be sure to check out all of the great content Great Performances is creating leading up to the premiere and remember to use the hashtag: #HamilDocPBS