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Going to NETA? Let's Connect!
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NETA, the annual conference that "connects everyone in public television" is coming to Dallas, TX next week. We know many of you at stations around the country are planning to attend, so reach out to if you want to connect with us.

In addition, if you want to learn the latest developments around Member Video on Demand, the service now referred to as "PLUS", come to our session titled "Member Video on Demand - and what it means for your station". Taught by PBS' Tom Davidson and Chas Offut, this session will teach you about the new tool created to help you reward and attract members. What must your station do - technically and tactically - to prepare? How does MVOD and other "member benefits" fit into your station's strategies for attracting and retaining members?

Also, don't miss our other session about the PBS Stories of Service, taught by PBS' José Fernandéz and Ron Pierce. Come to this session to find out more about Stories of Service, a PBS campaign to connect veterans with their local communities and increase awareness of veteran-related issues by telling veteran stories to civilians. The Stories of Service campaign also will connect veterans to resources that help their transition to civilian life.

See you in the Lonestar state!