Going Pro with Evan Flores
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Just how millennial are you? In case that's not a question you ask yourself day in and day out, those attending the Not Your Boss' Annual Meeting workshop took a quiz to find out how millennial they were. Because you just can't refute numbers. What was the incentive? Well, the people who scored the highest and lowest each received a GoPro camera. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Evan Flores from WXEL who was the most millennial of all the millennials at PBS Annual Meeting. So what's this millennial going to use his GoPro camera for? Keep reading to find out.

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First of all, I’m stoked to have won the GoPro camera in the first place. So thanks so much for the opportunity and for the prize itself. I’ve wanted a GoPro camera for a while now, but just never got around to actually dropping the money down and buying one.

I’m pretty crazy (former lifeguard, skydiver, ex-bmx’er, skateboard enthusiast and MMA aficionado)…so I’ve had tons of ideas floating around my head for all kinds of shots I could pull off. Now with the camera in hand, I’ve been trying to parlay all of my crazy passions into getting some footage that would be beneficial to my station.

I’ve already spoken to our Production Manager here, since he’s more familiar with camera equipment than I am, about what it would take to get some decent footage out of it that would look good on-air. He recommended some things that set me on the right path: Beach & underwater ocean shots, Everglades nature shots, outdoor community event time-lapses, B-roll driving city shots for field shoots. My mind has literally been set ablaze with several ideas along with inspiration from the gang’s videos over at Indie Alaska’s YouTube page.

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Eventually, we’d like to incorporate it into our field production shoots for off-site reporting or production of underwriting spots. Once we get full funding approval for the addition of DSLR equipment in-house I plan on personally encouraging the use of GoPro’s for supplemental camera work.

Right now, I’ve just been getting acquainted with the camera. So far, I purchased a chest mount (for awesome POV Kung-Fu fighting scenes, duh) and some different accessories for ease of use.

I've practiced shooting with it, seeing what scenarios provide the best looking footage for broadcast, and really testing the limitations of what it can do. Later this week, I plan on mounting the GoPro to my head and taking it on a full moon hike through the wilderness. The forecast predicts rain this weekend, so that will be fun and should yield some good results!