GM Digital Media Series: KLRN
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Leadership roles and infrastructure within local public media stations saw a massive shift in the last 10 years. This is especially true as you look at Digital, which has grown in opportunity, prominence, and strategic priority. In an effort to address the struggles a new General Manager (GM) may face when trying to leverage Digital within his or her business strategy, PBS conference services and PBS Digital bring you the GM Digital Media Series.

This series, a two-day workshop-style presentation, allows GMs and their digital counterparts a chance to sit together and discuss Digitally relevant topics in order to strengthen their station as a whole.

For more on the series, the SPI team reached out to Carol Sorber, Director of Professional Development for PBS. Carol, along with Tom Davidson, Senior Director of PBS Digital; Max Duke, Director of PBS Digital; and Jessie Sampson, Manager of Communications & Operations, is leading efforts for this series.

While the first two GM Digital Media Series workshops already took place at Twin Cities Public Television and PBSheadquarters, there are two forthcoming meetings before the series wraps it’s inaugural year. We asked Carol to preview the broad concepts covered in the upcoming training at KLRN in San Antonio, Texas, February 11-12, 2014.

“Winning the Future: How Can We Best Use Digital Strategies to Increase the Local Impact, Relevance, and Sustainability of PBS Stations in Our Communities” 

Building on the strong work completed in 2013, coupled with the continuing desire of PBS station leaders nationwide to further their work in digital media, the GM Digital Media Series brings together station leaders, digital media specialists, and outside experts to work through some of the complexities of digital media using the Open Space Process. We want station leaders across the country to move beyond merely talking to making solid commitments to develop new or expanded digital projects that increase their station’s local impact, relevance, and sustainability.

The focus of our time at KLRN is “Winning the Future.” This theme is broad enough to capture the experiences, questions, and ideas all participants bring to the summit. After the gathering, the series continues with summit transcripts, articles, case studies, and web conferences to explore additional topics.

We strongly encouraged anyone working in digital media to join us in San Antonio–GMs and station leadership teams, those who develop and implement digital tools and strategies, digital fundraising managers, community board members–anyone from a local station who could benefit from this summit or add to the conversation.

The Open Space process is a unique component we plan on leveraging in the upcoming meeting. Open Space is a process designed to take care of the needs of every participant and to build on the many assets and talents each participant brings into the room concept we are attempting. Click here to learn more about this process.

We are looking forward to an unforgettable, exhilarating, and energizing experience created, directed, and led by all of the stations together. See everyone in San Antonio!

As a follow up to this post, the SPI team will be asking your Digital peers who will be attending and presenting at this meeting to share their reflections and experiences. 

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Carol Sorber has spent the last 14 years designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating exciting and interactive professional development programs, with the goals of engaging program participants and improving on-the-job performance. In Carol's almost 4 years at PBS, she is charged with coordinating and enhancing the professional development opportunities and curriculum offered to PBS member station managers and CEOs.