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Get Ready for #PBSIceCreamWeek!
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Nearly every day is a different food holiday, but some of these days, believe it or not, are real. President Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984, and the third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day. Not only do these holidays give us an excuse to indulge, PBS Food has also seen great traction with these holidays on social media. In particular, our call on social for the "Best Ice Cream Shops in America" in honor of National Ice Cream Month last year generated over 12K votes!

We are leveraging this annual opportunity this year as a joint effort between PBS Food, PBS Parents, PBS Digital Studios, PBS LearningMedia, and PBS KIDS to highlight all of our respective ice cream content as a week-long collaboration starting Sunday, July 19th (which is National Ice Cream Day) through Saturday, July 25th under the unified hashtag of #PBSIceCreamWeek.

Stations can participate in this effort by sharing your own ice cream content using the hashtag on social, as well as posting the provided Suggested Tweets/Posts, which are listed below:

#PBSIceCream Week – Sunday, July 19th:

Twitter: Happy National Ice Cream Day! Where Are the Best Ice Cream Shops in America? #PBSIceCreamWeek
Facebook/Google+/etc: Happy National Ice Cream Day! We're celebrating all week with recipes and more. First up: Find the Best Ice Cream Shops in America as voted by PBS fans! #PBSIceCreamWeek

#PBSIceCream Week – Monday, July 20th:

Twitter: Make any flavor of ice cream in just 30 minutes with Mya, the Full-Time Kid! #PBSIceCreamWeek
Facebook/Google+/etc: Make any flavor of ice cream in just 30 minutes with Mya, the Full-Time Kid! #PBSIceCreamWeek

#PBSIceCream Week – Tuesday, July 21st:

Twitter: Get the recipe for this easy, no-bake, tropical ice cream cake sundae: #PBSIceCreamWeek 
Facebook/Google+/etc:  If you have a huge sweet tooth, make this sundae at your own risk.

#PBSIceCream Week – Wednesday, July 22nd:

Twitter: How to make Soft-Serve Ice Cream at home w/o fancy gadgets: 
Facebook/Google+/etc: Here's a simple technique for making amazing soft serve at home, no fancy gadgets required. #PBSIceCreamWeek

#PBSIceCream Week – Thursday, July 23rd:

Twitter: Learn to make a bike-powered ice cream maker w/ @SciGirls #PBSIceCreamWeek
Facebook/Google+/etc: Want a guilt free way to enjoy ice cream? Burn off the extra calories by using a bike-powered ice cream maker! The SciGirls and PBS LearningMedia show you how.#PBSIceCreamWeek 

#PBSIceCream Week – Friday, July 24th:

Twitter: It's National Ice Cream Month! Celebrate with a sweet ice cream party like Martha's! #PBSIceCreamWeek
Facebook/Google+/etc: July is National Ice Cream Month! Celebrate with a sweet ice creamparty just like Martha's! #PBSIceCreamWeek 

#PBSIceCream Week – Saturday, July 25th:

Twitter: Did you know ice cream dates back to biblical times? #PBSIceCreamWeek
Facebook/Google+/etc: PBS Food dispels the myths around the history of ice cream and its cultural significances. Did you know ice cream dates back to biblical times? #PBSIceCreamWeek 

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