Digital Voltage Amps Up Atlanta
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Georgia Public Broadcasting recently had the pleasure of hosting a PBS Digital Voltage conference in Atlanta, the second of eight regional conferences. Thanks to the support from CPB and PBS Digital Studios, this initiative is able to directly impact stations with a face-to-face interaction that promotes collaborative conversations and idea sharing.

During the conference, the PBS digital team covered topics ranging from writing for digital to strategies around building and engaging audiences on platforms like Youtube and Facebook. The two-day workshop was organized by three separate segments of topics covering: development; production; and audience development, engagement, and marketing.

Image - dv_atl_lunch.jpg
The first day delved into the development aspect of digital production and moved into considerations which can vary greatly from what might be typically considered in a traditional production environment. The focus on the second day shifted into audience development, engagement, and marketing. In these sessions, the digital team helped foster theidea that if you create content that you will watch, your audience will follow. 

But the creation of content is only half the battle in generating an audience that will stay on a digital platform.

Audience engagement, such as posing questions to viewers, promoting conversation in the comment section, and other forms of direct audience interaction is a necessity toward the success of your content. Examples proved that shows that engaged directly with their audience had a much higher level of success than those that did not.

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So where do stations go from here?

With a mixture of expert YouTubers and digital specialists, the PBS Digital Voltage conference offered direct insight on how stations can improve existing and future content in the digital arena. While GPB will be reevaluating the execution of upcoming digital-first content, minor changes can be taken now to promote an existing video’s performance. Elements such as video titles and thumbnails have a direct correlation with the success of a video on Youtube. Making adjustments to these small aspects to make a video stand out can be implemented with little-to-no additional resources and can pay dividends with better searchability, resulting in better content performance. 


If you are considering attending this worthwhile workshop, below are upcoming PBS Digital Voltage conferences. Click here to register

·       WFYI, Indianapolis, IN - March 6-7 (this workshop is full)
·       WPT, Madison, WI - April 19-20
·       WMHT, Albany, NY - April 24-25
·       KCTS, Seattle, WA - May 17-18
·       WCVE, Richmond, VA - May 31-June 1
·       KUED, Salt Lake City, UT - June 5-6 (just moved to a new date!)