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Facebook Crossposting: Whitelisting Stations and Producers
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The PBS system of stations and producers arguably stand the most to benefit when it comes to crossposting native video on Facebook.

Crossposting is a recently expanded Facebook feature, which enables local stations and producers to easily share natively-uploaded video content without having to upload it themselves. The Facebook crossposting dashboard leverages a pre-existing post that is already populated with a thumbnail and customizable social share language. The station/producer Facebook page moderator can then publish/schedule the post to fit their editorial calendar. While this new feature is a big time-saver, one of the additional bonuses is that the total video views are accumulated together on the front-end, and the publisher has access to accumulated view data, covering everywhere that it was crossposted

Importance of Whitelisting: One of the key elements to this new functionality is that pages have to mutually whitelist each other in order to enable crossposting. To make this process easier, the PBS social media team has created this comprehensive list of all station and producer Facebook accounts. We’ve determined that it takes roughly 30 minutes to whitelist all station accounts in the document, and under an hour to whitelist all station and producer accounts listed in the document. We are confident that this document is comprehensive, but please let us know if you notice a page you feel is missing.

Status of PBS Producers: As of December 5, we’re thrilled to say that 34 producer accounts have whitelisted all station accounts, making their content available to you for crossposting! Here are the Facebook accounts that have completed the whitelisting process:

1.     PBS

2.     PBS KIDS

4.     PBS Food

5.     PBS Parents

7.     PBS NewsHour

8.     A Capitol Fourth

12.  Art21

13.  Arthur


19.  Gross Science - PBS Digital Studios

22.  It’s Okay to Be Smart - PBS Digital Studios

23.  Ken Burns

28.  Nature

29.  NOVA

30.  Physics Girl - PBS Digital Studios

31.  POV

Unsure If You Are Whitelisted?: Unfortunately Facebook does not send a push notification when a page has whitelisted you. Once you have started whitelisting pages, the crossposting dashboard in your Facebook settings section does makes it very easy to tell which pages have whitelisted you in return. Go to your page’s Facebook settings, select Crossposting in the left-hand navigation, and refer to the list of pages you’ve added to your dashboard. Next to each page, Facebook will either display a message that says “This page hasn’t added yours” or it will say nothing. If it says nothing, it means the page has whitelisted you back.

Before emailing (or commenting in the PBS Producers & Local Stations / Social Media Marketing & Communications Facebook group) to ask a Facebook page manager to whitelist your page, please double check your crossposting dashboard to verify that your page has whitelisted them first.

Things to Keep In Mind:

●      While Facebook accounts have to whitelist each other at the page level to enable crossposting, you also need to approve access at the individual video level. Helpful Tip: If you upload videos back-to-back for scheduling, Facebook will remember your crossposting settings from the previous video, thereby saving time. 

●      Since you are able to set different approvals by video, do not make every single video available for crossposting to every single page you have whitelisted. Only make videos available to relevant partners. (Example: If you have video surrounding a science topic, it would not make sense to make it available for crossposting to an arts-specific Facebook page.)

●      Remember that you will not receive a notification from Facebook when a new video is available for you. To that end...

What’s Next?: Now that the whitelisting handshake is underway, the PBS social team plans to make an editable document/note available in the PBS Social Media Marketing Facebook group to more easily notify one another when new content is available for crossposting. Feel free to send along alternate suggestions.


Questions?: If you have any questions about Facebook crossposting, please contact your SPI rep ( or Ashley Carufel of the PBS social media team (

Ashley Carufel | Assistant Director, Social Media