Digital Premieres in September
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In an effort to boost awareness, sampling and excitement for some upcoming September programs, PBS has worked with producers to create digital early access opportunities. These  special digital premiere windows give local stations an additional promotional angle, particularly across digital platforms. 

Image - dawn-of-humanity-vi.jpgNOVA – Dawn of Humanity

Digital Premiere: Thursday, Sept. 10
Broadcast Premiere: Wednesday, Sept. 16

The digital premiere is tied to a news making scientific announcement that will be released on 9/10 during a press conference.

Image - Gorongosa_33_bobsunset.jpgGORONGOSA – A Rebirth in Paradise (All six episodes)

Digital Premiere: Wednesday, Sept. 16
Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, Sept. 22

All six episodes of Gorongosa will be available for early streaming for one week.

Image - frontline.jpgFRONTLINE – My Brother's Bomber, Episode 1

Digital Premiere: Monday, Sept. 21
Broadcast Premiere: Tuesday, Sept. 29

The first episode of this three part documentary will be available for early streaming for one week.

These programs will be available across PBS desktop, mobile and OTT platforms.