Digital Cheat Sheet: Must Read News
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Each week, Dennis Haarsager, Executive Director & President at Public Television Major Market Group and former PBS Station Digital Advisory Council member, collects the top digital news articles for public media professionals. Save time scouring the web and use his handy list.

Strategy and management
Web journalism asserts itself. David Carr in New York Times.

Future of news audiences as young fail to become strong news consumers. Sandra Oshiro in

How the digital world is changing our idea of news. Mochael Rosenblum in The Guardian.

John Hagel's advice on surviving instable period with faster disruptions. Vala Afshar in Huffington Post.

Mass personalization is coming. Are we ready for it? Greg Satell in Digital Tonto.

How technology enhances creativity. Greg Satell in Digital Tonto.

Verizon prepares network for TV broadcasting. Brian Chen in New York Times.

Verizon, Intel and the future of TV. Joel Espelien in TGD Research.

KT, Samsung try LTE broadcasting in Korea. Kim Yoo-chul in Korea Times.

FCC going door to door with auction pitch. Doug Halonen in TVNewsCheck.

Aereo update. Harry Cole in CommLawBlog.

Broadcasters and Aereo: sometimes winning means losing. Terry Heaton in Pomo Blog.

Why Aereo is not the new Betamax case. David Oxenford in Broadcast Law Blog.

Digital Media
Nielsen: Internet display advertising growing well, but still tiny compared to TV. Ingrid Lunden in TechCrunch.

Bing viewing, cord cutting and streaming platforms big at NATPE. Adweek.

Has the FCC chairman solved the net neutrality quagmire? Hal Singer in Forbes.

NPR eyes more personalized digital platform. Michael Depp in NetNewsCheck.

Pandora is not radio. James Cridland in JacoBlog.


By Dennis Haarsager | Executive Director and President | Public Television Major Market Group

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Long time public television and radio executive, Dennis Haarsager is knowledgeable in all things digital and has written and edited the Technology360 blog since 2003. Dennis currently holds the position of Exective Director & President of the Public Television Major Market Group.