Curate v2 Beta is Live!
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We have been working to improve the functionality and feature set for the Curate console. To that end, we are happy to invite you to use the new version of console, which is currently in production beta:

The new, beta version of Curate is on production, so any updates made in the console will affect your live data. If you have access to the original Curate, you will be able to log in to the beta site. (Note the “curate-beta” in the URL.)

Our primary goals for the updated console were to optimize the code, and improve speed and user experience. If you are accustomed to using Curate, the new version should be an easy adjustment. Documentation is available for Curate beta.

Until the new version is feature-complete and fully stable, we will keep both the original, “classic” Curate and the beta version operational. They can be used interchangeably. Eventually, the new version will replace the old one (and the “curate-beta” URL will be disabled). We will send out communication when this switch is planned.

We are actively working on the beta console and we welcome feedback about issues you encounter, as well as feature requests. These can be submitted via the support ticketing system.

While our biggest challenge with Curate has been development resource availability, we are committed to improving and evolving the tool. We hope stations find the new version is a step in this direction, and we look forward to announcing more feature releases in the future.