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Celebrate Public Media This Giving Tuesday
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PBS Digital and PBS Development Services are excited to let you know that we will be promoting Giving Tuesday to drive donors to your local donation page tomorrow. PBS will promote the following message through our social media channels:

Facebook | G+ | Tumblr | etc.Give the gift of public television to your community this holiday season. Visit & donate to your local PBS station. #givingtuesday

Give the gift of public television to your community. Visit & donate to your local PBS station. #givingtuesday

The link directs to, which is now fully localized with your station brand and links. When the visitor clicks on the donate button on the homepage they will land on your local donation form. This is just one way that automatic localization at drives revenue for local stations. We are working together here at PBS and with local stations to leverage the power of the millions of unique visitors to for station sustainability.

Happy Giving Tuesday!
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