Blank Slate: Sliders
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Blank Slate is a new 16-part instructional series from PBS Digital Studios with the production team Video Dads, made up of Emmy-nominated video producers Travis Gilmour and Slavik Boyechko. This week Kelsey Savage of PBS Digital Studios, shares a few quick tips about sliders.

Sliders are a great tool to help add dynamic motion to an otherwise static scene. In this video from Blank Slate, learn how to best use your slider gear on your next project. 

Here are some quick tips: 

  • Invest in a smaller slider. Nothing longer than 2 feet is necessary. These types of sliders are more portable and easy to set up. 
  • Sliders are a great way to add motion to a static scene, but don’t overdo it! 
  • When you're editing your slide shots, be sure that they all move in the same direction. 

Be sure to check back in next Tuesday for information about framerate or tune into the Blank Slate Gear Q&A on March 30 at 3pm ET.