Blank Slate: Multi Camera Shoot
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Blank Slate is a new 16-part instructional series from PBS Digital Studios with the production team Video Dads, made up of Emmy-nominated video producers Travis Gilmour and Slavik Boyechko.

Want to increase production value and dazzle your fancy video friends at the same time? Add a camera or two to your shoot. Bonus points for lovely gray poodle!

On this week’s Blank Slate, Travis and Slavik show us how to shoot a scene from multiple angles while making post-production easy for your team.

Before the shoot, it is essential to set all of the cameras to matching framerate (, white balance, picture profile and time and date to make each shot match in the editing process. 

Using a variety of camera lenses in your multi-camera shoot can give you the opportunity to see a scene from different points of view. The video dads recommend pairing each lens with its proper camera rig, so check out other videos in the series on monopods and tripods.
Not sure how to position yourself and your camera to avoid the others involved? has a video that might help:

Need more information? Check out these other videos on using multiple cameras: