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Black History Month 2017
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Join Black Culture Connection (BCC) for 2017 Black History Month celebrations!

This year, the BCC is turning its lens onto audiences with the return of #MyBlackHistory‹ a social media campaign that asks audiences to share how Black History & Culture influences their lives and directly from their point of view.

Every week, the BCC will release a series of GIFs and time-lapse videos with quotes from prominent voices in Black history and present. In turn, we'll ask audiences to help identity their favorite and inspiring quotes, and share them using the hashtag #MyBlackHistory.

Many of these quotes are tied to the men & women featured in the films streaming this BHM. With this in mind, we hope your social teams will help us unearth inspirational quotes, moments, sayings from the people featured in your priority films. We¹d love to highlight them in #MyBlackHistory and have you use the hashtag to do the same.

Please reach out to to sign up for weekly social updates.

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Happy Black History Month!