Bento Updates: Photo Gallery, GIFs and more
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PBS Digital deployed several updates this week to our Bento CMS, including:

  • An updated photo gallery admin

  • The ability to add animated GIFs to a page via the image plugin

  • A new standard variable for building smart snippets

Photo Gallery Admin

The updated photo gallery admin offers new functionality, including the ability to upload images from your desktop, rearrange the order of photos, and add metadata—all without going through Filer. You also may notice the new look and feel of this admin. Moving forward, all admins will follow this new template. For help using the new admin, visit the Photo Gallery resource page. One thing to note: because there are thousands of images involved in the photo gallery migration, when you first open a migrated photo gallery, it may take awhile for the thumbnail images to load.

Animated GIFs

Users can now add animated GIFs to a page via the image plugin. Just make sure you use the original size image because selecting a non-original size will prevent the GIF from animating.

Smart Snippet Standard Variable

There is also a new standard variable for creating smart snippets, called: Filer File Field. Adding it as a variable in a smart snippet allows users to browse Filer for an asset—MP3 File or PDF—and easily add it to their site.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues, please reach out to your PBS Digital rep, or