Bento 3.0 Block Settings Have Arrived
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Block settings are a feature in Bento 3 that enables you to create a full width layout on your website and include background images and color. Using block settings you can adjust the page blocks to fill the entire vertical space of the browser window and align the content vertically within that window. A feature of block settings allows you to add padding around content to create a unique page layout. 

This feature is available in the page content area of your Bento 3 page, as well as in the mega menu option in the Station Header. To find block settings look for the gear wheel, or cog icon on the block settings menu. Select the cog icon and on the side bar menu you'll find all the features for customizing your page blocks! 

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Learn More on a Bento Webinar! 

The Bento team has been working on features great and small the past few months, such as block settings! Join this webinar and hear about all the latest updates, features and where the platform is headed next. The webinar will be held on February 20, 2019 at 3:00 PM ET. (Now available for streaming - follow the link!)