Bento Update: Font Refactor; Introduction of Component Taxonomy & Extended Hero Carousel View
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Image - components.pngThe Web Services team released an update earlier this week to Bento, which included updates to admin, extended view for the hero carousel, and a font style realignment. 

Component Taxonomy:
As users log into the admin, they will notice some changes in the pages, blogs and smart snippets sections. In an effort to streamline Digital's backend systems the Web Services team has transitioned from using Plugins and Smart Snippets to using Components and Custom Components. This update only affects the display of these elements. So as users start adding modules to pages, they will be interacting with the admin using the same workflow. The caveat here being that instead of looking for Plugins users will be looking for Components; and instead of Smart Snippets users will be looking for Custom Components. The actual naming convention in the code for Plugins and Smart Snippets remains the same however, which means users shouldn't need to make adjustments to their custom builds.

Image - herocarouselblur.pngHero Carousel View:
Another update included the introduction of a customization feature for the hero carousel. Admin users can now customize the background of the hero carousel for screens larger than 1440 to display an off-white, grey or blurred color/effect. The blur is the default for this feature, as it takes the image being displayed in the carousel, blurs it, and changes with the rotation of the carousel images.



Image - HC_Dark[1][1][1].pngThe team tested this effect with a wide range of images from across the Bento system, and as such the team recommends styling be used for a majority of hero carousel implementations.


Font Refactor:
The final major update released in this build included a realignment of the default font styling for Bento sites. The team performed an in-depth analysis of the styling for the PBS-provided Bento features, and determined that a switch to Open Sans from Helvetica would give Bento sites a more modern look, while also aligning it more with the font structure.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your PBS Digital rep, or