Bento Product Update: Pushing Content to PMP
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Integration from content providers and data sources is a key element of the Bento platform. Currently users can pull content directly from COVE, Merlin and the Public Media Platform (PMP) directly into the Bento admin. To improve content management and shareability for stations, PBS Digital’s Web Services team recently completed and released the ability to automatically push content from the Bento admin to the PMP API via the Bento blogging tool.

This update extends the product offering as users can not only pull content from the PMP, and allow users to autopublish and manually pull full stories into Bento, but also add content to the PMP API to leverage on other platforms.


To further help explain how pushing content to the PMP works, PBS Digital will be creating product implementation training and support documentation resources. In the meantime here is a quick tutorial.

Enabling on Auto-Pushing Blog Content:

  1. Navigate to Blog Set-up
  2. Click into or create a new blog;
  3. Navigate to PMP Automation section and expand header;
  4. Click the toggle button to “Enable PMP Content Push” (see below);
  5. Click Save.

Image - Enabling PMP Autopush.png

Image - PMP Auto-Push Complete.pngThis will allow users to automatically publish all content from your blog to the PMP API. If you wish to push an update to PMP for a particular article, upon saving the blog entry an update will be pushed to the PMP API. You can determine if an article has been pushed to PMP if you hover over the question mark next to “Enable PMP Automation”. Upon that action you will see a GUID (see right), which correlates how the content is identified in the PMP API.

If users do not enable auto-pushing in the blog set-up section, users will see a greyed out toggle button next to “Enable PMP Automation”, under Advanced Options in Blog Entries.

Admin note: If you wish to not have certain articles appear in the PMP API, you can manually disable auto-publishing for that article within the entry itself.

Image - PMP Auto-Push Not Synced Yet.pngDisabling Auto-Pushing for a Single Article:

  1. Navigate to Blog Entries
  2. Click into or create a new blog entry;
  3. Navigate to Advanced Options section (right rail) and expand header;
  4. Click the toggle button to “Enable PMP Content Push” (see left);
  5. Click Save.

Additional Materials:

If you are interested in more information regarding the PMP, and how to gain access and start using the content from their API please review the PMP implementation product training video and product documentation pages. These pages include an overview of PMP integration within Bento; how to utilize the auto-publish functionality and how to manually leverage PMP content through the Bento admin.