Bento Product Update: PMP Feature Enhancement
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In an effort to help stations continue growing their digital presence, strategy and platforms without also duplicating efforts and increasing costs, PBS Digital recently launched enhanced features related to Public Media Platform (PMP) integration. The Bento team launched the ability to not only auto-publish articles being entered by content partners via the PMP, but also the ability to pull in the full article in its entirety to a station's site.

Image - how-to-auto-publish-pmp-content2.jpgEarlier this week PBS Digital's Bento team showcased these new features in a systemwide webinar. During the presentation, the Bento team demoed the auto-publishing feature (see immediate right) which included full story publishing capability. The new customizable audio snippet (see right-below) was also featured.

Image - Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.24.27 PM.pngImplementation:
To further help explain how PMP works within Bento, PBS Digital has created product implementation training and support documentation resources. See the PMP implementation product training video; and product documentation pages. These pages include an overview of PMP integration within Bento; how to utilize the auto-publish functionality; and how to manually leverage PMP content through the Bento admin.

Station Adoption:
Stations may be familiar with previous product updates PBS Digital has released and integrated to better leverage assets being published to the PMP. Some of those updates include the ability to manually add content from the PMP to a Bento site(s). This functionality is best illustrated on station sites such as South Dakota Public Broadcasting, where they are using it on a local show's page, South Dakota Focus (see left-below). According to their site this show takes an in-depth look at the issues and events on South Dakotans' minds.

Image - SDPB.pngAccessing the PMP API:
If you are looking to leverage the PMP, be it in Bento or for other CMS, or applications, you can request API keys via their form:

About the PMP:
At its core, the PMP is a technology backbone supported by a common set of business rules and technology standards, with a “service layer” that supports both producers and presenters of content. The PMP is not a website, a super-portal, or a content management system. It is not a curator of content. 

If you are curious what content is available to in the PMP you can view their support site here (see sample below).

Image - PMP Counts.png

Editor's Note: If you have any specific questions related to content rights or other items related to the PMP, please content Jeff Nemic, Product Adoption & Deployment Lead for the PMP.

Please reach out to your Digital representative or if you have any additional questions.