Bento Blogs: Create a Super Landing Page
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Image \u002D bento circle.jpg

Bento blogs users now have the ability to create a Super Landing Page for all blog entries at the /blogs/ URL on a site.

This page collects all blog entries for a site — across all blogs on that site — and displays the entries in reverse chronological order.

The setup admin, Blogs Super Landing Page Setup, allows users to choose the title (the default is “Latest blog posts”), an optional Tagline, optional Branding Image, the page layout, and whether the blogs/page will exist in site navigation. (See below).

Other new blogging features include:

  • Blogs generate an RSS feed
  • Past-year blog entries will display the year in which the entry was posted
  • Streamlined admin and admin functionality

Additionally, the Bento team refactored the Explorer Kids What’s On module to use the new TV Schedules API.

See the super landing page in action on WMHT's site below:
Image \u002D wmht.png