Bento 3.0: Reporting out from Alpha
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In preparation for the launch of Bento 3.0, PBS Digital began an alpha group to test the product, provide feedback and identify workflow solutions. The group consisted of three stations and three producers. Aaron Morvan, Digital Media Specialist from OETA participated and shares his experience below. Learn more about upcoming Bento 3.0 roll out and how you can become involved. 

Image - aaronmorvan.jpgBento 3.0 is a digital team’s dream come true! From the visual live editor with page building to the ease of having everything site related accessible on the left side of the web page. Bento 3.0 is going to offer users more management tools when creating, building and maintaining their website. Scheduling page publication, a visual page builder, and more intuitive UI/UX on the backend are very exciting, but I’m most excited about the open-sourced style of page building. Gone are the days hacking custom components!

Being a part of the alpha group is great, being able to working with the product team to provide feedback for the Bento 3.0. The group has been testing, analyzing, and brainstorming ideas to enhance Bento user interface and user experience- UI and UX. The alpha group included several different stations and producer Bento users. Participants are at different levels of digital knowledge. OETA is in the middle of a long-overdue web redesign. I suspect that some stations are in the same boat as us and others have just completed a redesign. It was nice to talk with other stations to brainstorm ideas on what may be useful and how we actually use a tool versus its intended use. It was encouraging to work with others—expressing our ideas and being be a part of the solution.

The opportunity has happened at an interesting time for OETA as we’re overhauling our website using the newest Bento 2.0 template, Studio. We’re very familiar with the challenges and have been saying “Ugh! I wish we were able to __________!” when updating our current site. I’ve been able to take those comments and speak directly with the teams making decisions on Bento. Being a part of this process is eye-opening to the labor of love that goes into building a web cms. 

The PBS Digital teams and their product developers have been hard at work and I think we will all be singing their praises when Bento 3.0 is released!

Upcoming Beta Group:

Are you a station curious about Bento 3.0? We are looking for non-bento and bento stations to sign up to be part of our upcoming beta group. The first beta group will be consist of non-bento stations building a site from scratch in Bento 3.0.  The second beta group will focus on the migration of current Bento sites to the new platform. We will be kicking off the first group in October and the second later this fall.

If you are interested in building a site from the ground up we would love to work with you and get you into Bento 3.0! Take a moment to fill out this BENTO 3.0 Interest Form. Even if you've emailed the SPI team before expressing your interest, take a moment to go ahead and fill out the form so we have everyone's information. Beta group interest will close September 27th