Bento 3.0: Ready? Set? LAUNCH!
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Are you ready to launch? The answer is probably yes. You’re ready to launch if…

  • You’ve got a homepage
  • You've updated your donate links, Google analytics, and Media Manager API’s plugged in
  • You feel it in your soul

That last bullet is a bit misleading- we realize that websites are never complete. But, you should feel ready to go as long as you have a solid base and can build off everything in time.

100% as a deadline just isn’t achievable. Especially when creating or migrating a website. Should you ever reach 100% with your website, building pages, adding content, polishing the little bits; the very next day you’ll have 20% more work to do. 

The idea of reaching 80% is based on focusing your productivity and understanding the most important needs of your site. If you’ve migrated 80% of your site to Bento 3.0, you should launch. A part of the larger website strategy is knowing how and when you’ll be finalizing the site and managing new content.

When you’re ready

  • Email your SPI rep! Or just shoot a note to
  • Support ticket - providing all the necessary launch details
  • SPI will set up a pre-launch call

A few pre-launch notes

  • Give us two weeks heads up
  • Publish ALL your pages
  • Add your Google Analytics to your site settings. We recommend using the same GA account for your new site and adding an annotation, which is like a digital post-it note, to mark when you launched the new site. 

Launching in Bento 3.0 is a coordinated effort between the station, the station tech leads and PBS SPI, Digital Support and DevOps teams. During the pre-launch call we will review the launch process and ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. Read the full details of launching here in this Bento 3.0 launch process document.

This blog post and all the information (plus some jokes) can be viewed on the recorded webinar Bento 3.0: Ready, Set, Launch! 
And, let's all give WTCI in Chattanooga, TN a high-five for launching their Bento 3.0 site!