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Bento 3.0: Prep for a Smooth Migration in Four Steps
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So you’re not ready to migrate right away and plan to do it in a month or two. Below are a few tips on what you can be doing in the mean time to prepare your team, website and station for the migration.

1. Tell the World

A website migration and redesign isn’t something to hide from your colleagues and it’s also not a project you have to do all on your own. Raise awareness about this project by opening up the conversations on how to better the station’s current website.

2. Get Buy In

Developing buy-in for the station migration around your station is key for success. Gaining buy-in from different teams across your station will help build a sense of ownership over their areas of the website.

WGCU’s created a digital task force when creating and migrating their site onto Bento in 2015. The digital taskforce had “representation of each station department -- radio, TV, underwriting, membership, station administration, engineering, finance, communications and design.” The benefit in this station group is that in working together the site builds community and pride in the finished product. Read the entire post about WGCU moving to Bento and their task force on the SPI blog.

3. Take a Look at the Numbers

Pull up your Google analytics account and review your current website analytics. Start to familiarize yourself and station staff with them, and not just the good numbers and website successes. Take a look at all the numbers. During the cohorts we’ll be guiding stations in a content audit exercise, but pulling the numbers now will get this process started and make it easier start the content audit.

4. Plan for the Work

Cohorts will meet on Wednesdays at 2 pm ET each week for four weeks. These calls are designed to provide you with the tools and guidance needed for the migration. Plan dedicated time during your week to work on the strategy planning and migration. If you’re working with a team and diving out the responsibilities have a dedicated touchbase to share updates, successes and any challenges or questions that have come up.

These are only a few suggestions to help your migration go smoothly. What are some suggestions and tips that you would share?