Behind the Screens: Meet Taylor Berglund
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1. Describe your role as an intern on the PBS Digital team.

There’s a reputation that interns are merely sentient coffee retrievers, but—lucky for me—with PBS Digital I actually get to do far more important work than that. I’m working with the Station Products & Innovation team, which more 

commonly goes by its much cooler name: the SPI team. My job over the summer will probably cover a lot of different areas—including social media work, more writing, creating training videos, and possibly even some website development—but it’s all ultimately to help the local stations have better resources and knowledge of those resources. That’s a pretty cool job, if you ask me.

2. What’s the one website you can’t go a day without?
I could say “Facebook,” but that’d be boring and not really true, anyways. I can go TWO days without Facebook. So I’ll be unique and say “The AV Club.” It’s a meta-heavy pop-culture analysis website. As a lover of all sorts of media, it challenges me to think intensively about the literature, TV, and movies I consume, what makes them good, and how I can better implement those traits into my own work. I can’t live without that sort of analysis. Also: it’s the few sites on the Internet where the comments are the best part of the site, due to a fantastic and funny user base.

3. What is your favorite mobile app?
Currently, I’m addicted to Threes. 2048 is the more popular version of the same type of game, but Threes is the original. Normally, I’m not a purist about these things, but Threes is packed with so many charming details that many apps overlook, like sound design and an excellent UI. It’s the little things, really, that make it a pleasure to play and always demand just one… more… game…

4. In your opinion, what are the upcoming digital trends?
I think news is going to continue to migrate online and towards real-time aggregators like Twitter, which can break stories in real time. I think video is still important for news, though, so I’d guess that CNN/MSNBC/Fox/YourNewsChannelHere will migrate to the Internet and become a primarily web-based platform (like we’ve seen traditional newspapers like the New York Times do). I also think virtual reality will be the next big video game trend, like how motion controls were the go-to gimmick of the last generation.

5. What is your favorite social media platform and why?
I’m a big fan of Facebook. Perhaps that’s because I got into it late in the game—I only started using it in 2011—but it provides an ideal way to keep tabs on friends without too much clutter. I think Twitter’s got strong potential, but it needs a mechanism to ensure that news from more than ten minutes ago isn’t lost forever. Too much important information gets lost in the mix for it to be my platform of choice, although it’s a great supporting platform.

6. If you could have a Google hangout with three people, who would they be and why?
I’m assuming they have to be alive, given that dead people would probably be unable to a) talk or b) understand Google well enough to register a Google+ account and set up a webcam. I’d go with Edgar Wright (my favorite moviemaker), Donald Miller (my favorite writer), and Joss Whedon (my favorite movie-writer). What can I say? I’m a media fan.

7. Describe the Internet in a word.