Behind the Screens: Meet Dan Levy (again)
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You may remember Dan Levy from the posts he penned last summer as one of the SPI interns: "Second Screen Viewing: For the Uber Engaged, Read it on Readdit: Learn, Explore, Engage." Well, they liked him so much, they decided to hire him. Learn more about his new role and his digital life below.

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1. Describe your role on the PBS Digital team.
I work with the Product Development team, providing technical support for PBS Digital products and work with stations, producers and staff to provide technical and customer support for PBS content on digital platforms.

2. Based on what you know now, if you could go back to your first day at PBS (as an intern) and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to ask more informed questions about PBS’s digital framework and aspirations. I tend to be a focus and figure it out myself type of guy, which I value but realize is not always paramount. The Digital team strives to develop robust digital products that offer enriched user experiences. This means employing complex practices in order to make that a reality. Having an enhanced understanding of the motivations and practices behind our products helps me to work more efficiently with producers in realizing complications and solutions. The goal is to advance our content and platform excellence. I’m in the thick of it now, which I’m loving, but if I knew a year ago that I’d be back, I would’ve asked anything about everything I didn’t then understand digitally to better prepare myself for the return.

3. What’s the one website you can’t go a day without?
Twitter. I used to love Reddit (ok, I still do), but I have to confess that I’m on Twitter a lot more for the concise, breaking news information that aggregates there the best. Don’t let someone less informed tell you it is full of mundane, what I’m doing now “stuff.” It’s not.

4. What is your favorite mobile app?
This is a tough one because in terms of “used most often,” it's Spotify, but “favorite,” it is probably Instagram. Nothing gets me smiling (and salivating) more than a good #WhatIAteForLunch or #FeelTheFOMO summer time Insta.

5. In your opinion, what is one upcoming digital trend?
I think that it’s digital “retailization” and social everything. I think businesses are starting to understand that in our modern society, there soon will be no such thing as “offline.” I think we’ll start seeing digital integration within real space, brick and mortar stores more than we can currently conceptualize, and these new points of interaction will be informative and, more importantly, social. Whether these trends become timeless, well, that’s another blog post.

6. What is your favorite social media platform and why?
Well, I already mentioned Twitter…(see #3) and so I’ll stick with it. Twitter is also a great place to praise (and condemn) businesses socially. I have a digital marketing background and try to practice what I preach, so I’m often letting a local restaurant know my recent awesome foodie experience or an airline carrier my last kerfuffle.

7. Describe the Internet in a word.
I chose this word last year in my SPI-Intern “M­­eet Me” and it’s the same today.