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Be a Voice That Inspires at the 2017 PBS Annual Meeting
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The theme of the 2017 PBS Annual Meeting is “Voices That Inspire” and we’d like to hear from some of our most inspirational voices – you! Whether you will be attending this year’s Annual Meeting or not, PBS would like to showcase your voice during the General Audience Programming Sessions. We want to know:

· How you are using national programming at a local level;

· What impact you are seeing from your efforts; and

· How national programming is resonating with and inspiring your station and your viewers

PBS is seeking videos of up to one minute in length from our station colleagues addressing any or all of the points above. The videos do not need to be high-tech – they can be shot on your phone if that works best for you – but be as creative with your video as you’d like. For example, you could show us an event you hosted, share a viewer response, or create a musical homage to your favorite PBS series (complete with costumes!). We will use the videos you submit to create a spot or spots to be shown during the Annual Meeting to demonstrate how national programming is inspiring at a local level.

We’d like to be able to share these spots with stations for off-air use (not on-air or online) following the Annual Meeting, so please keep that in mind as you create and submit your videos.

Click here for upload instructions.  All videos are due by March 31, and we will follow up with all submitters by May 5 with more information.

Are you registered for the Annual Meeting?

Please contact Gina Hardter or Cynthia Hynes with any questions.