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Art of Analytics: Joint Licensee Analysis and Webinar
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Yesterday, PBS Digital and NPR Digital Services hosted a webinar to present findings from an ongoing analysis we’ve been collaborating on for Joint Licensee stations (access an archive using the link below). There are currently around 75 Joint Licensee stations in the system (that is, stations with both PBS and NPR licenses). Given this number, it’s extremely important that we work together to serve those stations, and we hope this project does just that.

The analysis was of a group of 21 Joint Licensees, as well as radio and TV-only stations for comparison. The purpose of the analysis was to uncover trends among Joint Licensees in general, but also those whose strategies are tied more closely to news vs. radio vs. television. The analysis included data on audience growth, engagement, traffic sources, and site activities, as well as trends over time and comparison data.

While yesterday’s webinar wrapped up the initial analysis phase of the project, we plan to use this as a starting point for deeper case studies of specific stations to understand how different strategies can impact station growth. Other next steps include an outline of PBS and NPR digital products and services and, of course, future collaboration with NPR Digital Services.

If you’d like to see yesterday’s webinar, please get in touch and we can send you a link to the recording. And please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions on how we can best serve you!

An archive of this webinar is now available, visit:

If you do not have a login, email

By Kate Alany | Senior Manager of Digital Analytics | PBS Digital

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Kate manages the analytics service for member stations, helping them use the knowledge and analytical tools to better understand and overcome challenges with their difital audience. In her free time, Kate like to analyze all things food and exercise related with the MyFitnessPal app, make memes, and spend time with her newborn daughter.