Make a Big Difference on the DMAC!
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Are you pushing for an expanded digital presence at your station? Are you dreaming of ways to improve the audience and lead multiplatform efforts? Are you influencing those around you in the public media digital landscape?

Image - 20171128_113747.jpgPBS Digital is looking for people just like you! Applications to join the Digital Media Advisory Council (DMAC) are open to station staff from different licensee types, market sizes, and digital-related backgrounds.

The DMAC is a group of key leaders within the public television system, advocating for stations and collaborating with PBS Digital to ensure that stations' product, service, and educational needs are represented. 

Council members routinely get an early look at products and services from PBS Digital and get a chance to collaborate on exciting projects with other system digital influencers. DMAC members are not necessarily the digital lead at a station, but should have a connection to work being done in the digital space. DMAC member responsibilities include actively participating in soliciting and sharing station feedback through monthly calls, participating at conference events, working on collaborative projects, and identifying unmet system needs.

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Want to find out more about the DMAC?

Read this story from council chair Linda Wei (Nashville Public Television) on the creation of the DMAC Outreach Network, and check out this article from vice-chair Cheraine Stanford (WPSU) detailing DMAC activities at TechCon 2017. Check out more past blog posts from DMAC members on

Read and review the Digital Media Advisory Council’s Charter and the responsibilities expected of its members. Interested in who your peers on the council would be? Check out the current list of DMAC members to see who you'd be working with.

Know someone who would be perfect or interested in applying yourself? To apply, you must be employed at a public television station (including dual-licensees), have demonstrated leadership and success in your field of expertise, and have a commitment to strengthening public media in the multiplatform spaces.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, September 14, 2018.

Application questions will cover: 

  • Contact and Station Information
  • Your Perspective: 
    • The DMAC's primary goal is to advocate for stations and actively collaborate with PBS Digital on the products and services being offered. How will you be able to help meet this objective?
    • What do you hope to get out of being on the DMAC?
  • Commitment: 
    • The time commitment of a DMAC member consists of <5 hours per month, up to two in-person meetings a year, and station outreach on a quarterly basis. Are you able to take on this commitment given your current station workload?  
  • Additional Information: 
    • Please tell us a little bit about your background in public media.
    • Surprise us -- be creative! Feel free to use this space to provide a little insight into who you are and your role in public media. If you want to submit a video file, graphic, or other attachment, please email it to