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Is your station looking to beef up its DSLR video production skills? Do you have ideas for a PBS Digital Studios web series, but aren’t quite sure how to achieve it? Are you additionally looking for Digital strategy help with what to do with original content once it's created?

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Many stations are in a similar boat - that’s why PBS Digital Studios has teamed up with filmmakers Travis Gilmour and Slavik Boyechko to create a multi-day video production course for station personnel.

In the process of shooting and editing weekly “Indie Alaska” documentary videos, Travis and Slavik have developed a production workflow that is quick and efficient, low-budget, but still maintains the quality and integrity of storytelling that PBS is known for.

And as part of their goal to equip stations with the tools necessary to create web original series, PBS Digital Studios has partnered with the SPI team to help create and facilitate this training opportunity for station staff.

Currently, the application deadline is set forMonday, September 15. Applications and more information are available here:

Training Pilot Program:
In the first round of the grants, the duo visited WETA in Washington D.C. and NET in Lincoln, Nebraska. The goal is to shoot and edit a local story as part of the training, and this is the (unpublished) video that came out of a Ping Pong training facility in Maryland.

Training Program - Round Two: 
For the next round of grants, the trainers will visit stations over the span of this next year. During each of the station trainings, Travis and Slavik will film two videos for the upcoming series "Indie America," while walking through the steps for how to make them.

The training will cover all aspects of shooting and editing a short documentary profile of a local personality - but the lessons will extend to other types of video productions such as news stories and station promos, as well as digital strategy.

Image - training.pngIf awarded the grant, PBS Digital Studios will cover the costs of training, as well as pre and post-production of the videos created during the training. Stations are only responsible for the application and participating in the training. The SPI team will be covering the travel costs, as well as offering an optional half-to-full day of strategy discussion with station staff. This optional day will give stations opportunities to learn and grow their skills around digital promotion, and marketing and communication of their newly developed program, and beyond.

Again, if you'd like to apply for this training grant please submit your application by Monday, September 15, 2014.

If you have any questions regarding this grant, please contact your SPI rep or