Annual Meeting Takeaways: Heather Fullenkamp
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The Not Your Boss’s Annual Meeting reminded me a lot of college. Not because I was surrounded by young people, but because it was the first time since college that I’ve been in a room with that many people who, for the most part, share my experiences. The workshop did a great job of covering just about every topic that a young professional in public media might be faced with. I left the workshop with better interpersonal skills, problem-solving tactics and an inspiring outlook.

Image \u002D 480876491.jpgThere were opportunities to learn about yourself
Before the workshop, we all took the DiSK assessment to determine our professional behavior styles. Then, we received our results and Laura Hauser, Founder of Leadership Strategies, helped us analyze them as a group. As it turns out, two fellow station members and I all had different styles. It was interesting to compare and contrast and explore the ways we interacted with others at the station. The results were pretty spot-on.

There were strategies for overcoming obstacles
One problem that we all seemed to share was that at some point or another, we had a great idea, but had some trouble getting others to believe it was a great idea. Matt Graham, Senior Director of PBS Digital Studios, suggested trying to rally support from at least one person of influence to serve as an “executive heavyweight” to back your project. Tim Olsen, VP of Digital Media & Education of KQED, suggested making a low-risk or no-risk test run first to try and get positive results before committing to an investment.
Last but not least, there were inspiring discussions
A talk and tweet exercise brought groups together to discuss common questions and uncertainties about the future of public media. There was a lot of talk about online video and over-the-top devices replacing cable television and whether public media would survive. The uplifting conclusion? Everyone seemed to be certain that no matter how it’s distributed – whether via cable television, on-demand video or an entirely online alternative – public media will still have the advantage, because we’ll continue to be the most trustworthy source for media content.  

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