Annual Meeting Takeaways: Beau Waldrop
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The PBS annual meeting brings with it a lot of buzz, thought-provoking sessions, and In the annual meeting recap, we gave an insider's look at the meeting held in San Francisco, CA May 12-15. In the recap, we shared the dramatic formatting changes which were geared towards providing a more dynamic, open, and collaborative workflow. This new format was a departure from what had been done in previous years. As such, we wanted to collect feedback and reflections from your Digital peers on overall impressions.
We are kicking off this series with Beau Waldrop, Web Communications Specialist for Panhandle PBS. Beau has attended the PBS annual meeting before. While he says he enjoyed previous years, it hasn't felt quite geared enough towards Digital staff. This year was different. Read on to hear from Beau about his main takeaways.

The Future of PBS is in Good Hands
"There are a lot of talented young professionals in public media. Hearing about what other young professionals are accomplishing at their stations makes me want to do more at Panhandle PBS. Some of things that stood out were the Alaska Public Media digital series “Indie Alaska” and also the things that TPT is doing with Rewire. Lastly, the DISC Analysis gave me some good insight into how to work with some co-workers. I’m hoping that other people at Panhandle PBS will take the assessment soon."

Fail Fast
"I heard this several times throughout the meeting and it was honestly the thing that stuck with me the most. I sometimes have trouble “letting go” of an idea if it’s not working as well as I hoped it would, but hearing this at the meeting really opened my eyes. We had our Strategic Meeting at PPBS last week and everyone agreed that failing fast is something we need to do more."

Open Means Open
"I love the new format of the Open Sessions. While I still think the best ideas come from sitting at the bar or chatting in the hall with other stations, the open sessions gives you a chance to network with more people. In the past, my biggest issue with the Annual Meeting was that the sessions weren’t geared towards people working in digital. This year, I felt there was more variety and something for everyone."

We will continue to share station feedback and thoughts on PBS Annual Meeting 2014. Check back to hear more from the station community.

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