Achievement Unlocked: Bento 3.0 Hard Launch
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On August 1 Bento 3.0 hit feature parity with Bento 2 and officially entered ‘hard launch’ territory. On this occasion we wanted to give you an update on what ‘hard launch’ means, and show a glimpse of the upcoming features.

What defines feature parity? Last winter internal PBS stakeholders came up with a list of required features and components that their stakeholders (stations and producers) would need at the minimalist level. Since then, the Bento developers have been working off that list and a deadline of late summer to reach it. On August 1st those last features were put in use, and parity with Bento 2 was achieved.

The latest features released that were key to hard launch:

Page Redirects
Global Rail
The Ability to Post PDF’s

Last week we released a program page header and are working on an updated social media component to come very soon.

This is not to say that Bento 3.0 is complete! The wonderful thing about Bento is we’ll never stop iterating. Bento will continue to evolve, grow and enhance the way you build a website. Now that we’re post hard launch the Bento team are currently working on bug scrubbing and addressing open tickets. Then onto a feature many of you have waited for.

Blog migration between Bento 2 and Bento 3.0 is the next big component on the roadmap. It is a big project that will require research and testing to find a solution. Once a solution is found we plan to test it on a few sites and work out any bumps or kinks on the process. Then we will roll out the migration process to Bento 2 sites in small batches. This will be a coordinated effort between your station, the SPI team and PBS Dev Ops.

After blog migration the Bento team will be focusing on two areas: page building and filer. We listened to your requests and will expand the Bento page abilities to be able to copy existing pages, use pre-designed page templates and utilize page tree drag and drop. Accessing filer outside of a specific component is important to user workflows, and will be tackled right after page building. 

For those of you in Bento 2 that have been waiting to switch over, now is the time to start your launch plan.  Wondering how another Bento 2 station has made the switch? Pat Breen of VegasPBS shares her story on the SPI Blog.

Getting ready to launch soon? Curious about the process of building in Bento from start to finish? Join us for a Bento webinar focused on the launch process.on August 28th at 2pm ET.

As always, you can email us at with all your Bento 3.0 questions.