A Word from Your Peers: Respond
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Creating and maintaining a successful social media presence can sometimes be a challenge, and because many social media "best practices" articles are aimed at those in the for-profit world, we in public media don't always find them helpful. Thus, we give you "A Word From Your Peers," a series of social media posts for the system, by the system.

Describe social media in one word. 

Describe your role at the station. 
Digital Marketing Specialist (run @KQED on FB/Twitter/Google+ etc) and co-editor of KQED Pop…but I am moving back to Oregon in a week! Tomorrow is my last official day!

Describe your social media strategy in a few sentences.
To serve and engage existing audiences while reaching out to new audiences.

Outside of Facebook and Twitter, what is your favorite social channel?
If you count YouTube, I would say YouTube because it’s a totally useful tool and a place where a lot of conversation happens.

What are the social media tips you think every person in your role should know? 
    1. Know your audience.

    2. Know your goal.

    3. Be responsive.

    4. Be honest when you make a mistake.

What site do you frequent for social media news?
Honestly, I get all my news from my Facebook news feed. For specific things, I sometimes go to Mashable.



By Lizzy Acker | Former Digital Marketing Specialist | KQED

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Lizzy came to KQED in 2009 and has pioneered countless digital projects, including the KQED Pop blog. She recently left KQED to pursue a career as a social media consultant and freelance writer.