A Word from Your Peers: Learn
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Creating and maintaining a successful social media presence can sometimes be a challenge, and because many social media "best practices" articles are aimed at those working in the for-profit world, we in public media don't always find them helpful. Now enter, "A Word From Your Peers," a new series of social media posts for the system, by the system.

Describe social media in one word.

Describe your role at the station.
Social Media and Web Specialist. I manage the main brands via social media as well as collaborate with the sub-brands that are in-house (Rewire, MN Original, tptMN, Sparticl, SciGirls, Next Avenue, etc). I also work with several people around the station to promote shows via the website using our pages, banners, and news updates, with a heavy focus on video and shareable content.

Describe your social media strategy in two sentences or less.
TPT strives to communicate with our audience our programming, events and updates station-wide. We have a large local footprint and make sure to pay attention and support the individuals and businesses who help the station run every day.

Outside of Facebook and Twitter, what is your favorite social channel?
Twitter; the rapidity and ease feel so normal to me, given my 26 year-old millennial status. It’s such a fast way to connect locally and globally. Plus, it’s just fun.

What are the social media tips you think every person in your role should know?
Without being too corny and buzzword-y:

  1. Stay relevant (But, nostalgia is welcome)
  2. Don’t make everything about you
  3. Stay up to date (Is your twitter background dated/irrelevant?)
  4. Help your peers spread their messages – they’ll pay it forward
  5. Don’t think too hard about sharing something, go with your gut (But make sure it’s somewhat appropriate to your brand, message, goal)
  6. Be careful when joining the conversation about larger world issues or tragedies, a lack of information or personal bias can make a brand look bad and uninformed

What site do you frequent for social media news?
MashableAdweekHuffPostSME and hey…Twitter

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Leif joined TPT last September and brought with him a wide array of television and social media experience—from serving as station manager of Marquette University Television station, to marketing coordinator and social media manager of Rhymesayers Entertainment, in addition to other freelance work. Perhaps what's had the the greatest effect on his success is his love for "music, technology, and learning about every kind of person and culture around the planet."