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Creating and maintaining a successful social media presence can sometimes be a challenge, and because many social media "best practices" articles are aimed at those in the for-profit world, we in public media don't always find them helpful. Thus, we give you "A Word From Your Peers," a series of social media posts for the system, by the system.

Describe social media in one verb.

Describe your role at the station.
Communications Manager. I manage all PR, internal communication, and media sponsorships, and oversee our social media efforts.

Describe your social media strategy in two sentences or less.
Our strategy can best be defined by our goals: 

  • Earn loyal support from our members/viewers
  • Share our diverse content in innovative and platform-appropriate ways
  • Engage and interact with our community

How we achieve these goals is through creativity, playfulness, clear brand messaging, and collaboration. 

 Outside of Facebook and Twitter, what is your favorite social channel?
Instagram. I love to visually see people’s lives day to day. It’s a great way to feel connected and in-touch with people who are far away.

What are 7-10 social media tips you think every person in your role should know?
Without being too corny and buzzword-y:

  1. Be a real person. Have a human voice and point of view
  2. REALLY inform people. Don’t be purely promotional
  3. Know your audience. Who are you talking to and how
  4. Collaborate/partner/make connections. That’s what social media is about and it’s how you spread the word/expand your footprint
  5. Know the nuances and tricks of the platform you are using to optimize performance. i.e. the dreaded FB algorithm
  6. Experiment. Don’t expect or plan to be perfect all the time. Know your boundaries, but have fun within them
  7. Engage. Know that social media is more about your followers than you. Ask them what they think, and share unique and interesting content with them. Invite them to be part of a dialogue/allow them to drive content curation

What site do you frequent for social media news?
Mashable, Adweek, HuffPost, SME, Twitter… 


By Elle Kraus-Lyons | Community Manager | TPT

Elle lives and works in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she manages community relations for Twin Cities Public Television. In addition to social media, she has expertise in PR, storytelling, rhubarb, and parenting cats. Sounds like a well-rounded lady.