A Word From Your Peers: Assist
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Creating and maintaining a successful social media presence can sometimes be a challenge, and because many social media "best practices" articles are aimed at those in the for-profit world, we in public media don't always find them helpful. Thus, we give you "A Word From Your Peers," a series of social media posts for the system, by the system.
Describe social media in one word.


Describe your role at the station.
As Marcom Specialist, I manage KCTS 9 social media accounts, and provide training and support to producers managing show accounts. In addition, I edit the monthly print viewer guide, manage advertising and organize events. I’m thankful for my talented colleagues who share in this work!

Describe your social media strategy in two sentences or less.
We assist the way a point guard passes the ball to an open player, acting as a crucial hand-off point between content, our various promotion platforms and old-fashioned customer service. We want to get our content into the fingertips and eyelashes of our viewers, whether it’s a video link, a tip-off that a prime-time program is starting within the hour or a conversation starter around that content.

Outside of Facebook and Twitter, what is your favorite social channel?
Instagram! It is full of visual treats, and I enjoy its simplicity. I’ve enjoyed the friendly community over there, and it’s been a very fun way to share photos and interact with people I know and people I’ll only know through their photos. Find me over there at @looshagee.

What are the social media tips you think every person in your role should know?

  1. Spelling counts
  2. Be concise.
  3. Use strong photographs and/or images.
  4. Be positive, gracious and kind. When you can’t, or it’s not appropriate, be neutral.
  5. It’s OK to be silent when the internet is freaking out about something.
  6. A well-timed sense of humor can be a good thing.
  7. Experiment! It’s OK if you mess up.
  8. Use the power of favoriting, following, and liking. You can make a positive impression through a few clicks.

What site do you frequent for social media news?
The PBS & Local Stations / Social Media Marketing & Communications group on Facebook has been a great resource! I appreciate the variety of shares and questions. (P.S. We were not paid to say this. Not even in free “likes.”)