7 Tips to Become a PubMedia Power Tweeter
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No matter the popularity of your local PBS station's Twitter account, they can almost always benefit from more promotion. This is where you come in. Learn how you can promote your local station's events or programs and connect with other like-minded folks, all while maintaining true to your own unique Twitter voice. 
Mallorie Cloum from WNIN shares some tried and true tips on how she uses her Twitter account as a tool to accomplish all these goals.

1. Embrace your self-worth: As my station made its way into the world of social media, we discussed personal Twitter accounts and association with the station. Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing yourself or thinking nobody in the community would be interested in what you have to say. Always remember you are important, you are an asset to your company, and you can make a difference. 

2. Be passionate: Always remember your accounts are yours! Share programs, events, and anything that interests you. My highest interaction is with people who share my passions and interests. Your personality and self-interests are what drive people to you, and they’re going to be what keeps bringing them back!

3. #Tags: Never underestimate the importance of a good hashtag! Learn geological and topic-specific hashtags to help spread the content you’re sharing, as well as find more people with whom you can connect. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself (even if it’s just by following a person), and then engage in conversations. Also try searching your station’s hashtag often.

4. @Tags: Let me be the first to say it—I’d be nowhere without the ‘@’ tag! Some might call it spamming, but I call it engaging. I love connecting with businesses, universities, and people alike. I find personally engaging with them promotes engagement with my station as well. 

5. Retweets and Shares: Retweets and shares have a time and place, and should never be undervalued. Having said that, I have found the most interaction I receive comes from self-created promotions. It takes trial and error, but you should find a balance between sharing and creating your own posts. 

6. Listen & Answer: Don’t be afraid to engage your audience. Some of the best relationships I cultivated on Twitter stemmed from answering a question or helping fix an issue. Be a friendly face, voice, or tweet that people can connect with, depend upon, and learn from! 

7. Step Into the Real World: The amazing thing about social media, perhaps most of all, is the ability it provides to form relationships. I’ve recently started branching out into the community more, via connections I’ve made on twitter. A social group meets here; a tech group meets there … Join in! As people latch onto you and begin to talk, do the same. Introduce yourself in public, speak to them on a more personalized level, and they will become even more engaged with your station.

By Mallorie Cloum | Director of TV Operations | WNIN

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Mallorie is Director of TV Operations at WNIN, a joint licensee PBS and NPR station serving Southern Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. She joined WNIN in 2012 and has a passion for directing, editing, andall aspects of production. Mallorie also helps update the station's social media accounts with upcoming programs when she can make time.