5 Ways to Maximize the Station Hero Carousel Slide
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The new PBS.org highlights stations throughout the entire site experience. The first and most prominent module is the Hero carousel. Stations can program one of the five Hero carousel slides on the homepage.  

The slide elements and specifications can be found on the Curate documentation. Basics of the Hero carousel slide are a large Hero image (1920x1080 px), Text title or logo image (140x70px), description and 3-link bundle.

Each station can program their slide in the module in CurateCurate allows you to schedule these elements to appear as often as you would like. We recommend you plan to update the Hero slide every four weeks. There are many resources available where stations can find high resolution images and descriptions for PBS national program on the Source or MyPBS.  Curious how to add content to Curate? Watch a brief video on how to add content into Curate.

Get the most out of this valuable real estate by building your station slide for the PBS.org homepage. Below are some suggested topics to help inspire and get you started.

  • Evergreen- An evergreen station Hero slide allows for stations to always have a custom presence on the PBS.org homepage and can be reused through out year.
  • Program- Highlight your local programming on the Hero carousel. The Hero carousel is a great place to make a splashy announcement of a brand new local show.
  • Event- Hosting a Downton watch party? Or kids outreach event? Promote interest, sign up and volunteering from the Hero carousel.
  • Fundraising – Put the call out there for your community to support and donate your station. Highlight pledge, sustaining membership, your Passport or any other fundraising initiatives from the PBS.org homepage all while pointing the user to your website.
  • Genre – Showcase a group of shows your station produces around a specific genre. Genre is a new feature on PBS.org that allows users to find similar programs.  

Evergreen Example- CET

Image - cethero.png

Program Example- NPT highlighting their program Aging Matters

Image - agingmatters.png

Event Example- WUCF promoting their recent Downton Abbey Screening

Image - downton.png

How are you using the PBS.org homepage Hero carousel? Any tips to share with your colleagues across the system? Let is know by commenting below.