4 Things We Learned from SMW, Part 2
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Earlier this week, we shared some insider tips and tricks that PBS Digital staff picked up while at Social Media Week: NYC 2014 in the first installment of this series.

To round out the discussion, we wanted to share a few more key takeaways we scribbled (or, rather, typed) into our notes.

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3. Understand User Behavior Better with Analytics
On the surface, this takeaway is pretty straightforward. The concept of understanding user behavior, engagement and content consumption is a critical part to any content producer. It’s the level of sophistication for how this behavior is now being measured and interpreted that what we found most staggering. Long gone are the days where clicks and page views were everything and somehow equated to successful user engagement. When it comes to measuring content on your site(s), there are a few callouts to note:


  1. Don't compromise your brand. There is no correlation between the level of branding and shareability; 
  2. First two days are critical due to “social gravity” (the inevitable decline of sharing/engagement)-Unruly;
  3. Factors: share rate and share rank (according to Unruly
    • Share rate = number of shares divided by # of views;
    • Share rank = a value based on the psychological response and social motivation to share the content.
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4. Mobile First, Not Digital First
This wasn’t as hard of a concept to grasp since most of us don’t live under a rock, but the amount of people that presented and shared their views on how to successfully create content for these platforms can’t not discussed. According to several Social Media Week: NYC presenters, basically here’s what you need to know:


  1. Be visual and design for mobile experiences. “Create content by being platform agnostic,” Chia Chen, SVP and N. Amer. Mobile Practice Lead, Digitas;
  2. Consider user experience in content creation strategy. Think of how people will physically interact with your content; I.E. gestures; 
  3. People LOVE storytelling. Crafting a robust, uniquely told, and well-composed story is essential; 
  4. Digital, data and content are pillars of mobile content. 
One Final Thought for Stations

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Give, Don't Get
The expectation within a donor relationship has shifted—and continues to shift—from a linear person-to-corporation, to a person-to-person relationship. While this is a widely-known shift within philanthropy, the subject matter experts who presented at the conference, which hail from charity organizations shared how they’ve reshaped their business models to account for and cultivate prospects around this diverging relationship.


  1. Use data when looking at your business success. “Data depends know volume, velocity and variety,” Nancy Lublin, CEO, Do Something; 
  2. Be authentic. “Stories are conversations and readers are contributors,” Meredith Kopit Levien, Executive VP, Advertising, New York Times; 
  3. Brands need to personalize the customer experience: Create a movement, not just a message. 

There you have it, the key takeaways PBS Digital wanted to share with the station community. To site all the helpful knowledge and skills presented during Social Media Week: NYC 2014 would take more than a couple of blog posts. We have a presentation that encompasses other Digital trends, tips and hints that we'd like to share with view. Click the link below to access the deck:

Social Media Week NYC 2014

 By Jen Carter | Senior Associate | PBS Digital

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Jen is a Sr. Associate for the Station Products & Innovation team within PBS Digital. She joined the SPI team in August 2011 and she provides member stations with digitally innovative resources via PBS developed product and services.